Burnout is a global health problem affecting physicians across all medical specialties. Radiologists, in particular, experience high rates of burnout, and this trend has only continued to worsen.  Radiologists face…Learn MoreWhy RADACCEL

Radiology Solutions

RADACCEL is a leading global teleradiology company with comprehensive healthcare enterprise-wide state-of-the-art software applications, technologies and services that increase productivity, reduce costs and provide actionable insights into the care rendered by radiologists…Learn MoreRadiology Solutions


Efficient and intuitive user interface workflow design reduces delays in patient care as well as medical record and clinical errors. This is accomplished through real-time communication to manage and transfer…Learn MoreRadDash


Radiology workflow, as a result of the evolution of imaging technology, is communication between radiologists and clinicians.  Accurate and timely communication between  both groups ensures that patient safety and timely…Learn MoreRadCollab


Incorporates virtual radiology rounds and multimedia reporting to improve communication with clinicians.  Clinicians and radiologists use web cameras to see each other during meetings, remotely share a computer screen and…Learn MoreRadRounds


Healthcare workers are more vital than ever to the successful operation of many hospitals and professional services throughout the country and across the globe. RadLocum provides workflow optimization and rapid…Learn MoreRadLocum


Secure texting, video chat and SMS to coordinate referrals, real time communication with colleagues, provide consults with providers and staff, auto alerts for STAT and on-demand services.


Radiology Billing, Revenue Cycle Management and Credentialing automation of the radiology billing and collection process. Combined with our industry knowledge, allows us to manage all aspects of your radiology business,…Learn MoreRadRev


Supports rapid access to healthcare companies serving radiology practices, imaging centers and medical facilities—whether large hospital systems or individual clinics worldwide. Because of our deep understanding of the Healthcare IT…Learn MoreRadMarket


RadPACS Enterprise Imaging RadPACS – Automate intake, distribution, retrieval, and share DICOM studies with disparate clinical and enterprise imaging systems. For more than 25 years, RadPACS has been delivering complete PACS…Learn MoreRadPACS


RadViewer is a distributed, “virtual” enterprise reading environment including a single full-featured reading workstation that provides a combined reading work list, containing studies from any or all facilities within the…Learn MoreRadViewer


Join us at AAOMR 2022 Annual Sessions September 7-10, 2022 Hilton Downtown, Portland, OR AAOMR 2022 Join us at ASTRO Annual Meeting 2022 October 23-26, 2022 Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San…Learn MoreEvents